Bank Bags
The Quiet, Hard-Working Type

Brecon Knitting Mill, Woven Bags, Bank Bags Brecon Bank Bags
work hard without a lot of
fanfare--much like neighbors do
here in Talladega. Our woven products are well-made and cost-effective. And when
you call our office, you're talking
to real folks who are ready to
help. "Press 'one' for customer
service"? Thats just not our way.

These Bags Are "Tough As Nails"
Just Like The Old Man 

  • Made from rugged 7.25 oz cotton twill
  • Double stiched with reinforced nylon thread for strength
  • Free standard printing or small one time charge for custom logos 
  • Offered with or without tie tapes
  • Custom sizes available, call 1- 800- 841- 2821