A Tradition of Performance

A.G. "Buddy" McMillan

Brecon Knitting Mill traces its origin to 1948 
and has supplied America with quality 
stockinet ever since. The story of Brecon 
is one of determination, unwavering spirit 
and one man's belief in the "American

A.G. (Buddy) McMillan returned from 
World War II a decorated veteran of the 
U.S. Air Force.

After completing his formal education,
he quickly found his niche in the textile

Working nights teaching 
vocational "on the job" 
training to veterans, 
he generated the capital to
purchase twelve knitting
machines, and a surplus
ammunitions warehouse. 
Surrounding himself with 
honest, hard-working
people, he quickly
launched his dream.

Staff 1960

Original Mill

Since it's infancy, Brecon
Knitting Mill has grown
into one of the country's
premier stockinet
Anchored in  tradition, 
built on dependability, 
proudly continuing over

Three Generations
One Way of Doing Business

Today, Allen III, keeps alive a family tradition that weaves dependability and quality into every Brecon product. The products and the market-place have expanded, in fact, Brecon has grown into one of the nation's premier bag manufacturers. But what hasn't changed is that "Down Home"  way of doing business that attracts and keeps loyal customers. 

Allen McMillan Jr., and son, Allen III